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About Astre d'Orient

Kawkab El Sharq

This Parisian Brand is a rich tribute to Oum Kalthoum, also called Kawkab El Sharq "L'Astre de l'Orient '', She is still considered, forty five years after her death, as the greatest singer of the arab world.

Example of feminism, heroine of patriotism, initiator of artistic ecstasy.
She remains the most mythical oriental singer. Her life is worthy of the most beautiful oriental legends.

A perfume collection , as a tribute to the Diva Oum Kalthoum “Kawkab El Sharq” - “Astre d’Orient” ; whose songs are filled with poetry and messages of love and peace.
Praise to two illustrious and remarkable pieces of the artist’s work, our perfumer extracted two olfactory hymns : Ya Habibi & Ya Fouadi.

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